Friday, February 27, 2009

My ultimate Faith No More playlist

In the spirit of Metal Hammer in honor of the Faith No More reunion, I submit to you my essential Faith No More playlist.

1 Introduce Yourself
2 Digging the Grave
3 From Out of Nowhere
4 The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
5 We Care A Lot
6 Naked in Front of My Computer
7 Evidence
8 Midlife Crisis
9 Epic
10 Ugly in the Morning
11 The Real Thing
12 Easy
13 As the Worm Turns

What is yours?

1 comment:

Gil said...

Good, my FNM playlist needed cleaning up.

Funny, our playlists go for the same things, but with mostly different songs.

Surprising what songs didn't make it to my mix. Introduce Yourself and Epic are both AWOL.

1) Land of Sunshine
2) Get Out
3) Caffeine
4) Mouth to Mouth
5) Zombie Eaters
6) Everything's Ruined
7) Surprise! You're Dead!
8) Stripsearch
9) Kindergarten
10) We Care A Lot
11) RV
12) King for a Day
13) Midlife Crisis
14) Spirit
15) The Real Thing
16) Malpractice
17) Woodpecker from Mars
18) Midnight Cowboy