Friday, February 20, 2009

Casual Fridays: David Lee Roth Edition

I have been listening pretty much exclusively to David Lee Roth solo material for the last couple of days, with the brief exception of some 1984 cuts. To share the good times, please watch the video for Just Like Paradise below.

Marvel at the majesty of Steve Vai's doubleneck heart shaped guitar. Be puzzled by the use of synth bass when you have Billy Sheehan in your band.

And although I wanted to show you Skyscraper and write about 5,000 words on Steve Vai's genius it is sadly not up on YouTube. So you will have to settle by keeping the party going with "Hot Dog and a Shake." I believe that is innuendo for "my penis and some sperm" but I may just not be smart or clever enough for this game......

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