Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guess What: Good Production Makes a Difference

My man Chad over at About Heavy Metal scored an interview with Kreator's Mille Petrozza, which included some bits about Kreator's new album, Hordes of Chaos. Petrozza had the following to say about how the band recorded the record:
I understand you changed your recording process a bit for this album.
Yes. The basic tracks were all recorded in a live situation. We had the whole band in one room recording drums, both guitars and bass at the same time. We didn’t do overdubs to fix things afterwards. We left it like it was and tried to play as close to perfect as possible with the energy of a live show. For us this time it was more about the vibe and the emotion than perfection. It gives the listener a clue to what the band sounds like live, rather than a perfect polished studio production.
I have had the opportunity to listen to Hordes of Chaos twice. The second time I did so, I had accidentally cranked the volume to a more ear-splitting level and let me tell you: the difference in process shows. Or hears. Whatever. In any case, the sound is frickin' vibrant, and I suspect it's going to become a favorite very quickly.

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