Monday, December 22, 2008

When Italians, Black Metal, and Translation Problem Meet

I spotted the following headline from Blabbermouth in my RSS reader and had to click to read more: "MALFEITOR On Upcoming CD: 'Prepare To Hear One Of The Most Obscure Albums Ever.'" How could I not; the phrasing begs to question: how will I hear it if it's the "Most Obscure Album Ever"? Besides, it sounded really arrogant in an Indie Rock Pete sort of way and I scented the opportunity for a short burst of mockery.

Turns out the band isn't arrogant; they're just Italian. And black metal, complete with the type of picture (bad corpse paint, very unevil background) that the guys at Metal Inquisition would gladly mock. "Scuro," (which sounds a lot like "obscure") you see, means "dark" in Italian, so the upcoming album won't be obscure, just dark. Makes me wonder how they have enough publicity to end up on Blabbermouth but not enough to hire a good translator.

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