Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Mind Besides Itself

You know, I've always enjoyed Dream Theater's "Erotomania," but I never bothered to look up what the title meant; I think I just translated the word literally and went from there. Thanks to Law & Order: SVU, I now know it refers to a romantic obsession with a celebrity. You know, like the subject of "Space Dye Vest," the song that Kevin Moore wrote, the one that only ended up on the album because the rest of the band didn't know he was leaving...the one that didn't fit. I've never seen a reference to it - not in the old Dream Theater FAQ, not on Wikipedia, not in the biography - but I have to wonder if Petrucci named the first part of "A Mind Beside Itself" (if not the whole suite) after Moore's strange obsession...after Moore left the band. There has to be more than one reason why Moore won't talk about Dream Theater fourteen years later...

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