Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Metal Fallout 3

I started playing Fallout 3 last night, which - if initial experience is any indication - means that I've just signed away my free time for at least the next three weeks. Those of you familiar with the game will remember its opening sequence, where an old radio plays an old song in a deliberately chilling contrast (emphasized with the ironic dig of the lyrics) to the environment of devastation. Those of you like me cursed to a life of song association no doubt had the same thought as I did within the first few seconds: 'this song sounds like it would be a perfect lead in to Megadeth's "Set the World Afire"!'

Remember how Mustaine garnered a Gears of War sponsorship for Gigantour? He should get Bethesda to sponsor his next time out. Nuclear devastation is such a better fit for Megadeth than battling giant alien locusts and I would have no problem seeing them play "Set the World Afire" live.

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