Wednesday, October 08, 2008

WANT: Dethklok and GWAR Action Figures

I'm not a big action figures guy (I believe my collection, such as it is, consists of a Brainiac 5 figure my wife got for me at a McDonalds), but Deciblog still got me all hot and bothered with the headline, "Dethklok & Gwar Immortalized In Plastic" (all the more timely for its appearance mere hours before my next GWAR experience), noting the creation/recreation of Dethklok and GWAR action figures by New Jersey manufacturer Shocker Toys. Unfortunately, what they didn't mention is that a.) you can only order the figures by calling one of their salesmen and b.) their website looks like it jumped straight out of Google's 2001 index. Dammit people: it's the 21st century. I shouldn't have to talk to anyone if I don't want to and I should be able to spend my money online without feeling like my credit card is going to get a venereal disease.

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