Friday, September 19, 2008

Seriously: Who Moshes to Opeth?

To the gentlemen with the enormous earrings, hooded sweatshirts, neckerchiefs, backwards baseball caps moshing at the Opeth show last night:
  1. You're missing the point by slamming into each other and everyone else watching the show. See, Opeth has these things called dynamics changes, where the music can go from loud to soft at the drop of a hat (see "The Lotus Eaters" for an example). Coupled with these other things called changing time signatures, the music ends up moving around a lot, so you just end up looking like a bunch of idiots as you run around in a circle. You seem new to the game, but here's some advice: believe it or not, not every metal band operates on the blast beat/breakdown model. Also: don't start moshing before the music even starts. That's just the ultimate in douchebaggery.
  2. If you must mosh, flailing your arms around like you're at a hardcore show really misses the point and makes me want to hit you in the head repeatedly with something heavy. For all of its energy, Opeth is pretty cerebral music: bang your head, jump around a bit, but if you want to run around flailing, go see Whitechapel or As I Lay Dying. Seriously: get the fuck out.
Suddenly I feel a kinship with the kid with the noseplugs from Hype!.

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