Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Lars Ulrich Dials Back File Sharing Hate, Universe Explodes

Big Metallica day: 
  1. Purchased tickets on pre-sale for a show that won't (in a clever bit of selling that would raise the hackles of an accounting professor I once had for its blatant grab of cash that will grant its new owners interest that I could be enjoying myself) happen until the end of the first month of next year.
  2. Noted that with the purchase of those tickets comes two unexpected ancillary benefits: a copy of Death Magnetic and a free download from the band's concert recording archive.  When did the Napster haters get all community oriented? Seems like either someone's been doing some research into the value of keeping the core fanbase happy, or Metallica remembered they built their success on touring - and that selling CDs is more of a secondary revenue stream.
  3. Saw Lars' reaction to the leaks of Death Magnetic; jaw dropped accordingly.  Lars (and it's always Lars who gets to be the face of these discussions, isn't it) seems like a smart guy, so I should probably give him a little more credit for keeping with the times, but this was the band that essentially (indirectly to be sure, but still true in spirit) sued their fans for file sharing.  To shrug off a leak is either a sign of the Apocalypse, or an indication of a significant change in viewpoint.
  4. Downloaded a leaked copy of Death Magnetic and was pleasantly surprised by the first two tracks.  More to come on this front, but it sounds like my hopes from two months ago might have been justified.

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