Friday, September 05, 2008

Gama Bomb's Big Metal Revival Tent

Previously, I had loved Gama Bomb because their second album, Citizen Brain, has songs about such metal topics as General Zod; OCP (from Robocop); and Krang, one of the bad guys from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series (a side note: the TMNT Wikipedia entry notes that the TMNT are "a fictional team of four turtle mutants." Clearly this distinction is an attempt to distinguish the TMNT from all of the non-fictional mutant ninja turtles currently invading New York through the sewers. Just thought I'd point that out.), because these are awesome song topics to listen to as you attempt to separate your skull from your spinal cord.

Now I love Gama Bomb because of their promotional idea for their upcoming tour: in an effort to free the masses from the effects of bad (read: nu) metal, they're asking fans to bring copies of the CDs they're ashamed to own and donate them to a group shred and stomp in the name of metal redemption. Genius, right? I see a two-fold appeal:
  1. There's a quasi-religious aspect to the whole idea: terms and phrases like "redemption," "ritually," and "confess your sins" are scattered through Blabbermouth's blog post/press release like grain on a sidewalk, ready to be snatched up by the metal-worshiping masses. Who doesn't like a good revival atmosphere, particularly when there's none of the awkwardness of trying to force down a new world view: after all, Gama Bomb is preaching to the choir.
  2. Then there's the psychological manipulation. How many of us own CDs we not only feel embarrassed for owning, but actively dislike? I recently went through my collection and pulled out a good 20 discs that quickly found their way into the nearest trash can. Had I known this tour was in the works, I would have probably saved them, because here would be an opportunity to publicly cast off my shame and, in so doing, bond closer with the greater metal community.

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