Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Remember Tomorrow: The Cover Competition

Deciblog just posted a comparison of two covers of "Remember Tomorrow": Metallica's recent treatment for Maiden Heaven and a much older version by Opeth. The question: which one is a better cover? The answer is obvious - Metallica wins hands down because they follow the first dictum of recording a cover (thou shalt make the song thine own whilst keeping to the spirit of the original) - but it seemed like a bit of an unfair contest because of the dates of the recordings. Metallica's always been a pro when it comes to covers, but you have to figure that an Opeth with more of its stylistic shit together (i.e., a band in its more recent vintage) would put a more creative spin on their interpretation, giving them a better shot in the competition.

Anyway, since these cover competitions are kind of fun, take a list to the first two, then compare them to the version Anthrax did five years ago for yet another tribute CD. Make sure to listen to Anthrax get points for putting a pretty authentic 'thraxy spin on the chorus.

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