Sunday, July 06, 2008

Did Alexi Laiho Learn English From Redubbed Japanese Movies...

...Or did he just go to the Scott Weiland school of lyric writing, where students learn to write lines of songs that literally make no sense but still emerge a theme? I'm reading through the lyrics of Blooddrunk right now, working on an angle for the album description, and while I can eventually pry the meaning - or a meaning - out of the words by reading long enough and looking for the 10,000 mile view, I wouldn't say there's anything particularly coherent going on line by line. An example, from "Roadkill Morning":

Bastard of Bodom, reporting
That sharp pain always go's away
How did I get here once again?

I have to shoot to survive
Otherwise screech "I wanna fucking die"
But I need the bottle and I'll be fine

Based on the combination of statements about alcohol and pain contextualized in the near past in both this snippet and the rest of the song (not to mention the title), I'm guessing "Roadkill Morning" is about a really bad hangover, probably combined with some post-brawl bruising and maybe a broken heart, too. Of course, it might be about something else entirely, and I'm missing the meaning - if there even is one, and these songs aren't just words strung together to match a general mood - because I can't find my way around the syntax. Here's the kicker, though: I'm not sure if Laiho throws out verbal landmines left and right because he's trying to get the listener to dig for subtlety, or because his English skills are less up to par than his stage banter might suggest (not that he gives monologues on stage or anything, but he seems to have some idea of what he's talking about, like doing a substitution rhyme of "motherfucker" with "trucker." I feel like you need a basic understanding of the language to do that). Maybe he writes everything in Finnish and then translates it afterwards?

Partially related: Every image I include in my posts comes from Google Images, as part of a common practice where bloggers break copyright laws by taking images from other sites without permission (the process is self-perpetuating, too; according to my site statistics, most of my traffic comes from The image I grabbed today happens to be a picture I took back in December, 2006, because it's the first search result for Alexi Laiho. Definitely something to look back on with pride in the declining years.

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