Wednesday, July 23, 2008

C.C. DeVille's Suffering and Failure

Contrast this headline - "C.C. DEVILLE Wants POISON Concerts To Be 'Honoring To God'" - with this headline - "AVERSE SEFIRA: Christianity Is 'The Root Of All Human Suffering And Failure In This World'." Who says metal isn't a big tent way of life, offering shelter to comers of all types?

Actually, since DeVille was such a burnout that he committed the musician's ultimate sin (being so fucked up you mess up a live performance), compounded by committing that sin while playing a huge venue, and he's probably adopted Christianity as a way to stave off his other addictive impulses, maybe Averse Sefira's got a point, by the magic of time travel, Christianity is at the root of DeVille's suffering and failure. So, in conclusion: big tent, but inclusion by exclusion more than by shelter.

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