Thursday, June 26, 2008

King Diamond Fans + Camera = Instant Recorded Fun

Though the above video of two Tennessee-based King Diamond fans driving in their car singing along to "Welcome Home" (aka the best use of a song in a movie ever) has been around for a year, it's just reached a larger audience (aka me) thanks to the King giving his official seal of approval via press release to Blabbermouth. What jumps out when watching:
  1. They harmonize. Could be intentional, could be voice cracks from nervousness, but it still works. Someone should keep that in mind for the next King Diamond tribute record.
  2. The guy riding shotgun can't look directly into the camera without getting a hunted expression in his eyes, like he's anticipating the merciless mockery he knows he'll experience as soon as he posts on YouTube. He cracks a few other times, too: answering the phone (great unintentional tension release) and while watching the driver absolutely rock out while at a stop light, like he can't believe anyone would ever open themselves up that much on camera. The driver, meanwhile, is the rock star: he's going full out through the whole song. Of course, that might be because he was smart enough not to look at the camera.
  3. These guys have bigger balls than I do for not only filming this tribute, but putting it online. Dorky teenagers: this blog salutes you.

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