Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Like the Rules of Fight Club

Through circumstances at the day job, I came across a guy who writes for a metal site called BrainGell Radio. Following up on his portfolio, I came across this article on Arch Enemy singer Angela Gassow...and irritated sensibilities soon followed.

The article, which turns into an interesting - if sloppily written - profile on Angela's rise to metal fame from her troubled roots as a teenager in Cologne, starts out with this gem: "What can you say about this incredibly beautiful woman? If you have seen her, you know her icy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes betray exactly what she is deep in her soul." Ignoring the rather ludicrous statement about someone being so shallow you can know everything about them just by looking at their hair and eyes, it's the objectification of Angela as a woman first and a singer second that bothers me. Why are her looks even mentioned (especially when they wouldn't come up if she were man); it's her kick ass vocal abilities and her larger-than-life stage presence that should not only get front billing, but the only billing. Way to be a Neanderthal, dude.

I was discussing my disgust with my friend Seth, who in his wisdom had the perfect response: "I thought we all collectively made two decisions as metal fans: #1 to not bash halford's gayness, #2 to not constantly remind angela she's hot." So congratulations, writer guy: you broke one of metal's unspoken rules. You're so out of the club.


vBoogieMan said...

LMAO It was a chick who wrote the article... And just because you and your boyfriend seth have rules not to say halford is gay doesn't mean everyone has to follow your Angela hot rule! Halford is gay, Angela is hot. Get over it!!!

Braingell Radio

Eric said...

1. Chick or dude, doesn't matter: my response would be the same.
2. Didn't say Halford wasn't gay, just that bashing him for it is the ultimate in douchebaggery. A bit like focusing on Angela because she's hot and not because she's an awesome singer.
3. Do you always monitor linkbacks that closely? Was your ridiculously fast response time a function of living in your mother's basement, or just because you're that much more of a douche?