Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Disability You Want to Get

Three weeks after I declare Finland the world's Most Metal Country and Sweden returns with this broadside: they've recognized as heavy metal addiction as a disability. According to The Local ("Sweden's News in English"), a 42-year-old part-time dishwasher named Roger Tullgren convinced the Swedish government's Employment Service (and three occupational psychologists) that he's so addicted to metal that he has a disability, qualifying him for additional payments from the government, the right to go to job interviews and work in whatever clothes he wants and the right to go to concerts as he chooses, as long as he makes up the work later. He's also been given permission to blast metal on the radio at work, as long as he doesn't disturb diners.

To be sure, Roger doesn't sound like the most productive member of society and he goes to over 300 concerts a year (talk about dedication), but that's not what's important: the point is that Sweden is such a metal country that they'll give you money and benefits for loving metal, albeit a love that's probably far beyond healthy. I may have to reconsider my moving plans.

Finland had no response to Sweden's challenge to the Most Metal Country title at the time of this posting.

Via Seth and SuicideGirls

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