Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I DO Inspire the Best in People

Damn, does this warm the cockles:

The publication: Scanner: A Nerve Blog
The topic: Crush of the Week: Wendy O. Williams
The relevant line: "
We're especially into the song "Jailbait." But not the Motörhead version. The Wendy O. Willliams and the Plasmatics version."

What the post doesn't mention is that the writer is my good pal Nicole Pasulka, who used to work with me until she fled for the world freelance (I know, who does that). Nicole first heard the cover after I mentioned that I had seen a video (now lost from YouTube) of Wendy O. and Motorhead playing the song together back in the early 1980s. Now she's using that first experience to give Wendy O. some big props. Makes me feel like I've made a difference today...

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Nicole said...

Thank you again for the Wendy O. Williams tip. I owe you my first born.