Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Into Eternal Suck

Ugh. I've already expressed my feelings about Into Eternity live, right? No need to go into that pile of suck again? A few weeks after the show, I went back and dug out my copy of their eponymous first album, which I purchased a few years back in a spree brought on by discovering CD Baby for the first time. I would never have called Into Eternity particularly groundbreaking work, but now it's basically unlistenable and will eventually make its way to a used CD store near you.

Why do I bring any of this up in the first place? Because they're going to be opening up for my favorite band and I'm irritated about it. I gather Into Eternity is on their way up - they've gone from the periphery of six band shows to near-openers in the past year - and I certainly don't wish them or their cool album art any ill; I'd just rather not have to hear their music, especially on the same night as Dream Theater. My philosophy about listening to music in the first place is that if I'm eventually going to go deaf (which strikes me as a good possibility, no matter how careful I am with my ears), I'd rather have spent my time listening to music that I enjoy, not a group of soulless, posturing shredders who think wanking to a formula is the same as showing real emotional depth.

What bothers me even more, though, is that I know from multiple experiences that Dream Theater can play three hour shows and keep my entertained every single time. If they're going to reduce the time of their set by adding other bands on to the bill, I'd rather they be bands I'm halfway interested in seeing. I could not buy tickets to this show, of course; if it's Mike Portnoy's prerogative to get Into Eternity onto the bill, it's my prerogative not to pay the money to see them, but that's just crazy talk. I'd much rather bitch about it and go see the show anyway. I'll just show up late instead.

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