Thursday, March 22, 2007

"I is the Smart...I is the Smart..."

Fun with science: next time a snarky hipster calls you a meat head for rocking out to [insert metal song title here] and tells you only Neanderthals with IQs that make celery looks smart listen to metal, you can tell them a study done in England says otherwise. According to the study, done by the University of Warwick on 1,057 students, all members of the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth, which represents the top 5% of academic achievement in Britain, a disproportionate number of the students listed metal as their favorite type of music. The researchers feel the tie-in to metal are the feelings of alienation smart people have trying to adjust to society and the feelings of alienation expressed in so much of metal music.

Of course, these findings don't mean that there aren't absolute meat head metalheads out there; the Slayer-loving genius I mentioned in my first post is the exception that disproves the rule. Furthermore, if you need to justify yourself to anyone, especially elitists who think all irony all the time is the way to live your life, as to why you love metal, it might be time for a gut check. But still, when you know you listen to music that features as many cerebral guitar lines as it does blast beats, it's nice to get some validation that your music choices reflect some higher intellectual processes. Biatch.

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