Friday, October 06, 2006

Oh, If Only He Could See This Now...

Right before I started this blog, I covered Queensrÿche’s show at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square. Excellent, excellent show, marred only by two things:

  1. Despite its name, the Nokia doesn’t host full-stage productions masquerading as rock concerts very well. Unless you were 6’ 5” (and I’m most definitely not) or standing at the very front of the crowd, you weren’t seeing everything going on onstage; the theater side of things, if you will. Minor gripe, the show still rocked.

  2. The really drunk guy who decided to metal scream into my ear at inappropriate moments (and yes, there are appropriate moments to metal scream, you just have to time them properly. Like when you’re blasting through a rendition of “Painkiller” at a karaoke bar) during the first act of the show. I spent about half an hour trying to figure out something clever to say to him that would shut him up – and then I remembered that revenge is a dish best served cold. Thanks, Idolator!

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